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Conventional Wisdom

AKA: conventional Training

"In the early 90's when I began using resistance training to enhance my physique. I was 130 pounds and needed a little muscle to give me some show power (don't judge, I was a teenager). With no internet and living in rural Puerto Rico, coming across quality training information came down to two things; one, word of mouth and two, a Muscle & Fitness or Flex magazine. The information in these magazines became inadequate once my focus shifted from looks to performance, hence the Muscle & Fiction joke, but through experimentation I extracted the best attributes and turned them into performance producing protocols. Five years later I began wrestling and was introduced to Eastern European strength training program designs. Conclusion, dumbbells and barbells have their place in our training regime, and the material has enough depth to warrant its own chamber."     -Os Aponte, SFG

Conventional tools applied in elegant designs is the very essence of our Conventional Wisdom Chamber.      

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