Barbell 101: Power to the People! Workshop

March 4, 2023






About the Course

Barbell 101: Power to the People!

Either you never touched the barbell, or you dabbled in the past. Now you choose to be strong and to do it right.

At Barbell 101 workshop you will learn:

  • Develop total body strength with just two highest yield lifts (Fact: some of the strongest athletes in the world are ultra-minimalists)

  • The Deadlift—the most “functional” strength exercise and the most hardcore lift of all time

  • The Bench Press—the undisputed champion for building upper body strength faster than any other exercise

  • The Bridge Floor Press—a favorite of old-time strongmen and wrestlers, it is a bench press with no bench

  • Perform these lifts like a pro—with techniques perfected for maximal strength and longevity

  • Keep gaining strength non-stop for up to a year with state-of-the-art programming that blends Soviet science and American ingenuity

  • Build quality muscle “organically”—along with strength

  • Experience minimal fatigue and soreness—because you need energy outside the gym

Power to the people!

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Your Instructor(s)

Yoana Teran

Os Aponte

Yoana Teran
Yoana Teran

StrongFirst Certified Senior Instructor

StrongFirst Certified Team Leader Instructor