Personal Training 

Smart and thoughtful training for those seeking wellness by cultivating skill.

Available at both the Oceanside and San Diego locations.

Initial Training Assessment

For first time clients, an initial assessment is a crucial moment on our journey as an athlete and coach. We will plan your progress based on the results of a battery of assessments aimed at testing your balance, vision, vestibular system, spinal dynamics, coordination, strength and flexibility. We will also discuss pre-existing injuries or surgeries. This information will produce our plan, which will be the most accurate map as we pursue your goals and turn you into the best version of you.

Regular Price: $135

Single Training Session

You have done an assessment but aren't ready to commit yet. Or perhaps you only need to get some general direction, which you can apply to your already awesome training. It could be that you simply need to dial in one or two basic patterns. Whatever the case may be, I've got you covered!

Regular Price: $105

10 session Training package

You loved your initial assessment and need to see no more. I had you at hello.

Regular Price: $900

Mil/First Responder: $765

20 Session Training Package

We have been working together for some time and you are certain our time together is making you a better version of yourself. You want to pay for the next five years of training, but you just graduated from college, and I have been encouraging you to be disciplined in all facets of your life. Prudence at this point is obligatory.

Regular Price: $1600

Mil/First Responder: $1360

30 Session Training Package

We know each other well and the results are evident. You know that a long term training approach is the key, to a sustainable health and wellness program. You are all in.

Regular Price: $2100

Mil/First Responder: $1785

Small Group Training Session

Accountability is key! You work best in a group setting, but would prefer the personalization of semi-private training. Here is your answer. Gather one or two of your workout partners and spend time motivating each other while focusing on your personal needs. Saves money and comes with a cheering section.

Regular Price: $120 ($60 per person)

Mil/First Responders: $102 ($51/pp)

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