Grip Your Fitness By The Horns


Mission Statement

As coaches it is our responsibility to empower you with the right tools to efficiently and safely reach your goals.  We are also accountable for giving you direction in how to use those tools, and motivate you to stay the course in your quest for fitness. This is our promise to you. 

The Four Chambers...

"My journey has allowed me to learn a variety of training modalities and sharing that knowledge is an important part of fulfilling my mission. By combining bodyweight, kettlebell, conventional and circuit training our system provides a powerful tonic guaranteed to cure boredom and deliver lasting results. From beginner to elite The Iron Core Way & The Four Chambers have something to offer to everybody" -Os


Basic Training

Chamber One:
Bodyweight - Master your own body!

Grinds & Ballistics

Chamber Two:
Kettlebells - The Martial Art of Strength Training

Conventional Wisdom

Chamber Three: 
Conventional - Muscle and Fiction's Greatest Hits


Chamber Four:
Circuits - Fast-paced, fun and unpredictable