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Grip Your Fitness By The Horns

"As your coach, I am responsible for empowering you with the right tools to efficiently and safely reach your goals.  I am also accountable for giving you direction on how to use those tools and motivating you to stay the course in your quest for fitness.

This is my promise to you."

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Os Aponte, CSCS

StrongFirst Team Leader

Os has been in the fitness industry since 2005. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the NSCA, a StrongFirst Team Leader, and Z-Health Movement Specialist. Os’ Z-Health education includes Exercise Therapy, Movement Re-education, and Movement Integration. He is a lifelong martial artist and former modern dancer, having performed for Mojalet Dance Collective for three years. He is a proud San Diego State University Aztec, where he completed his bachelor's degree. His proudest achievement is having served honorably for six years in the U.S. Army, where he achieved the rank of Sargent.  


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